Market estimated at USD 2.69 Billion in 2017 and projected to reach USD 5.2 Billion by 2022.

EUR 2,9 M

According to the plan, the work under the grant will end in 2020, with the first seagoing vehicle thanks to which the total cost of sea exploration can fall by up to 50%.

3 patents
(patents granted)

The company has been granted with  patents for unique technology, allowing high energy efficiency, power and quiet operation. More international IP patent claims is projected for 2021, 2022.

EUR 3,5 M
Pre-money company valuation on 12.2019

Assumed company valuation (pre-money) 
- 2021 min 10 mln EUR
- 2022 min 17 mln EUR


Mission and goals


NOA MARINE was founded established with a mission to develop and implement:

  • unique technological innovations for the maritime industry in the field of underwater propulsion systems inspired by biomimetics;
  • innovative data collection services for he marine environment to significantly reduce the cost of sea and ocean exploration costs in the near future.

The price of hiring a ship is a dominant cost in each sea operation related to data collection mission. It can reach even up to 60% of overall mission budget.

Our long term goal is to provide fully autonomous and cost efficient data acquisition service for marine industry: off-shore, oil&gas & aquaculture business and for the whole world’s scientific community. We want to enable our future partners to gather data for their future clients faster and save money at the same time.

Our technologies are protected also with international patents.



Global ocean business has a high demand for harnessing various types of data which is difficult to do at scale due to high operational costs of ships and manpower which make sea data collection an expensive service additionally limited due to weather constraints.

We know today that the seas and oceans hide tremendous wealth. With the fact that 5% of the oceans and seas have been explored so far - We aim to change everything by launching "the satellites of the seas" - allowing to remove the veil of secrecy.


“The Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) market is projected to reach USD 5.20 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.07% from 2017 to 2022. The growth of the market can be attributed to the rising number of deep-water offshore oil & gas production activities and increasing maritime security threats. Government organizations and private agencies across the globe have been investing in the development and manufacturing of advanced UUVs”



Comprehensive data collection services

The NOA Marine team is improving the technology consisting of an autonomous swarm of unmanned vehicles, which, left in a given area, will perform autonomous exploration and supervision without any human intervention.

Thanks to our floating docking stations, our innovative vehicles will be able to work autonomously in the sea without any human intervention for up to 6 months.  Right after the vehicle is automatically moored to the docking station, will send the collected data (chemical, geological, seismic, acoustic, visual) directly to the client's desk, at the same time filling its batteries with energy generated from the sun and wind.

We aim with our remote exploration technology to be compatible with at least two major broadband satellite data transfer providers.

We have developed our business expansion strategy as B2B and B2G Robotics as a Service model (RaaS) and we will enable our future partners to gather data for their future clients faster and save money at the same time.

NOA Marine positions itself as AUV drone Subcontractor with direct B2B partnerships with Vendors (the companies servicing the given investment / bidding) and B2G institutions of coastal states.

Target areas of activity

Oil & Gas

Automated & remote resource sensing and exploration, preparation of investments, subsea interventions.


Including energy, prior-investment activities and periodic automatic supervision.

Ocean Aquaculture

Supervision of farms environmental footprint.

Scientific sector

Long endurance monitoring of ecosystems, automatic exploration and building of knowledge about Earth.

„“Marine industry intensively seeks
for an efficient solution enabling
UUV drones to carry heavier payloads
through longer distances remaining energy efficient
at the same time making long haul missions possible. 

Potential for services provided with the help
of our unique systems is huge and global.”

Michał Latacz
Co-Founder & CEO at NOA MARINE


Save time and reduce costs

  • Innovative, patented wave drive ensuring high efficiency, power and maneuverability
  • Increased payload capacity (up to 100Kg of payload)
  • High maneuverability with heavy cargo provides installation of multiple sensors on a single mission also increasing safety
  • The ability to be fitted with  data acquisition equipment and sensors as specific end-user requirements dictate
  • Vehicles do not get entangled in plants or other aquatic obstacles
  • Silent work -  does not stress aquatic animals
  • Glider capability with innovative Ballast Vectoring Protocol (BVP) ensures long range

  • The ability to run complex, long unmanned missions.

  • Lurking capability

  • Automatic docking station for energy recovery

  • Satellite uplink = remote progress control and mission planning

  • Wireless  underwater communication

„Global ocean business has a high demand for harnessing
various types of data which is difficult to do at scale due
to high operational costs of ships and manpower. 
The system that could carry many autonomous underwater
vehicles in the same time and leave them independently
for a significant period of time directly on the dedicated
field of operation would provide a large reduction
of data acquisition cost.”

Benedykt Hac
PhD of Engineering, head of the Operational
Oceanography Department
of the Maritime Institute in Gdańsk


The implementation of NOA Sentinel technology involves two stages:

Stage 1 (completed)

First stage has enabled NOA MARINE to complete their works on full scale vehicle prototype able to handle unmanned missions and to carry first market pilots in the Baltic sea environment.

Stage 2 (ongoing)

The second stage is dedicated to developing fully functional autonomous data grabbing platform that will be able to work autonomously up to 6 months without any human intervention. It will consist of 3 to 5 SEA SENTINEL vehicles, solar recharging station with drone docking device and a broadband satellite communication for sending all important information directly to any place in the world.

„There Is a wide range market with tremendous opportunities
available for Noa Marine Team specifically for the offshore and sub-sea oil
and gas market. Once the NOA Marine system capabilities are proven,
in terms of payload capacity, thrust power, mission time, adaptability
and safety combined with a robust business model I foresee endless
opportunities in offshore and sub-sea oil and gas data acquisition market.”

Damien Bassant
Diversely experienced professional possessing over
25 yearsof international multidisciplinary experience in the oil&gas sector,
Mergers & Acquisitions and New Technology implementation

Stage 1 has been completed with co-investment from Seedrs UK

NOA Sp. z o.o. 
Mierzeja Wiślana 6
30-732 Kraków